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i am a retired electronics engineer ,custom scope builder ,and gun enthusiast we also run a pest control service which is free.building and designing these easy to use add on kits has been a great hobbie which is why i do it for free ,we do not make any monie  .my aim has been to offer these kits at more affordable prices and have found them to way out perform manufactured scopes and kits 3 times there money.we work from a busy workshop so are dedicated to taking care of customer needs in good time.

About us

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Free Vermin Control/free n.v kit

we also run a small team of pest control within the suffolk and norfolk area we are fully insured and offer security on the land as well ,we are looking to give away a free full night vision kit .for 1 year free pest control on local land.

we never just turn up your rules and boundries ,we are also looking for more land to test the new kits coming out were you will also get free sample kits   SUFFOLK /NORFOLK AREA ONLY  

Set-up guide

All our kits come with 42mm fitting tube.simply push the tube on to your scope .attach mount for screen secure and turn on .Hold camera up to tube,if its in focus to your cross hairs then push camera on the tube.if it is out of focus wen unit is switched on aim it across the room and focus by turning the lens either left or right gradulie either way untill it focuses .When good push on scope tube and attach i.r this is only needed for night use .

the laser beam can only now be seen using the scope and show up on the screen.Giving you the stealth approach as the laser is invisible to the naked eye

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click F/B link icon and view set up video join us ...

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